Spring is in sight!

The days are getting longer, the temperatures are rising and spring skiing is starting to take shape. When most people think of heli-skiing they picture ice cold days and blower powder, but how many people have ever experienced backcountry corn skiing? It’s true that a good day corn skiing can rival most powder days, in fact Powderbird has clientele who strategically book in later March or early April to have a better shot at getting into a corn cycle. Few events in life can compete with the content feeling of being in the Wasatch backcountry, skiing out of a helicopter on a bluebird spring day. Most spring days start out earlier in the morning than in mid-winter due to the direct sunlight factor, we try and get on the snow before it gets to warm and return around noon or one. Smaller groups mean faster laps and you do need to move somewhat quickly to get as many corn laps in as you can before it gets to sticky. The day is complete with BBQ and a few beers on our deck, basking in the sunlight continuing to work on your goggle tan.

Utah is known for the having the “Greatest Snow on Earth” and just because it’s spring out there doesn’t mean people are skiing in t-shirts. Every year it seems like Utah is blessed with an epic spring time dump of powder. This powder is good for a few days conditions and temperatures permitting. After a day or two of powder skiing the warmer days and direct sunlight can turn this powder into a corn cycle sought after by skiers in the “know”. Most of Utah is in “bike mode” at this point and the backcountry can be deserted from foot and snowmobile traffic. The sense of exclusivity and extreme beauty is almost overwhelming as you stand in the warmth of the sunlight about to drop into your run.

Come ski with Powderbird in the spring, there is nothing like it.


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