2012 Season Update

The heli-skiing season starts on December 15, sometimes. The 2011/2012 was not one to boast about hitting opening day to say the least. Waiting patiently brought way to many groomer laps, climbing sessions and hikes along Wasatch trails all of which kept locals fit and healthy while they waited. And waited. And waited. Then, finally, on January 21st the skies became ominously dark, the winds picked up and the snow came down. And it snowed for two straight days with some 60 plus inches falling in 48 hours.

With that much new snow Powderbird and backcountry enthusiasts alike were faced with stability issues. Terrain had to be thoughtfully chosen and guides had to keep a very cautious approach to backcountry skiing.The first few groups who got to dip their skis into the first big Utah dump were the lucky ones; blue skis, fresh snow and cold temperatures made the opening day of Powderbird fantastic! The official date, January 27, 2012.

The sunshine lasted for ten days with low wind and visibility stretching for miles. These conditions allowed Powderbird to fly every day, taking many clients out for the best days of the early year. February and March historically deliver the most snow in Utah making the the latter part of the heli season full of fresh backcountry turns. Powderbird is looking forward to the next eight weeks of heli-skiing with our friends.


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