Skiing Halloween Costumes

Need a last minute costume? In the spirit of Halloween we’ve compiled a list of the best ski industry related costumes. Please feel free to add your favorite ski costume in the comments section.

Warren Miller

Following his latest feature-length release, “Like There’s No Tomorrow”, Warren Miller is still very much part of the ski industry’s “in” crowd. Grab an old winter sweater, a video camera, and take to the streets. You may also get some interesting footage.

Tanner Hall (or any other popular freeskier)

Choose your favorite freeskier to emulate on Halloween. Some suggestions:

  • oversized ski pants
  • baggy beanie
  • tall tee
  • GoPro attached to your head/chest/ski pole
  • rockstar hat/shirt (or sponsor of your choice)
  • maybe even a gold chain to complete the look

Ski Utah Yeti

Might be a warm costume, but the yeti is always a crowd pleaser.

80s Skier

Go to your local thrift store and track down a one-piece. Complete the look with a neon colored headband. Here’s the one-piece that’s hanging in my closet. And your Halloween costume will double as a perfect Closing Day costume…

Other Ideas

No one knows your local ski culture better than you. Choose an eclectic local. Or a local trend (i.e. fur boots/accessories at Deer Valley). A local hero or ski resort owner. The options are endless.

Happy Halloween!


2 thoughts on “Skiing Halloween Costumes

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