Tips for choosing the best powder skis

It’s officially fall in Utah! We are now just two months away from everyone’s favorite time of year—ski season. This is also the time of year when skiers start itching for some of the ‘latest and greatest’ gear available. There’s a lot out there. It can be overwhelming. Powderbird is here to help you find your next favorite powder planks.

2011-2012 Powder Ski Guide

There are tons of great new skis this season in all categories—park & pipe, all-mountain, telemark—but we’re going to focus on the best powder skis on the market. After all, powder is our specialty. It’s a hard task to narrow down the field, so we’re using Powder and Ski Magazines’ gear test insights to add some authority.

Salomon Rocker 2

Selected as the first round, pick two in the powder category, Salomon’s Rocker 2 is clearly one of the top contenders in the powder category this season.

Powder Magazine’s Rocker 2 review

“The Rocker 2 is effortlessly stable, yet fast, light and nimble. This ski delivered super-star carving pow turns in the wide-open, as well as easy quickness in tighter steeps. It felt super floaty and it was easy to maneuver in any situation.” — AJ Cargill, Teton Village Sports, Merchandise Manager

Salomon Rocker 2 (2012)

“The Rocker 2 makes skiing powder easy, ’nuff said! It is fat, lively, and tip/tail rocker allow the ski to float in the deepest of snow. It is lightweight but solid underfoot where it counts.” — Mike Trioli, Alta’s Deep Powder House, Manager

The Rocker 2 was penalized a bit in Ski Magazine’s tester review due to it’s lack of versatility. But if you’re looking for a true powder ski, check out Salomon’s new Rocker 2:

“It’s a powder specialist, to be sure, and testers had to penalize it for lack of versatility. But the Rocker 2 does what it does-surf powder-extremely well, and it was the guys who ski the most powder who were the most excited about it.”


Full woodcore with honeycomb inserts in tip and tail • Powder Rocker • Edge free extremities • Dimensions 142-122-132


The CRJ went as the first round, first pick powder selection. Here’s why:

Powder Magazine 4-FRNT CRJ Review

“With traditional sidecut and camber, this ski is a real dream in powder, pops like a park ski, and is light enough to sling over the shoulder on a bootpack. The CRJ is comfortable anywhere. Just like C.R. was.” — Mike Rogge, Editor Powder Magazine

4FRNT CRJ (2012)

The CRJ combines camber underfoot-for hard snow performance-and rocker in the tip and tail-for playfulness and float. The tip and tail also taper from the widest point of the ski to further improve the ski’s soft snow performance.


Hi-Lite wood-core block • Deflect ABS sidewall • Dampening system • 45-degree Q45 fiberglass • Glosstop topsheet • ISO-SPORT sintered 2000 base • 360 full wrap edge • Dimensions 126-115-124

Rossignol Super 7

Rossignol’s Super 7 rounds out the elite top 3 in Powder Magazine’s Fantasy Draft–powder category.

Powder Magazine Rossignol Super 7 Review

“Easy to ski in nearly any condition, especially powder, the S7 helped pave the way for the rocker-with-camber revolution. The S7 is so effective in all conditions due to its Amptec technology (camber underfoot, rocker in the tip and tail) and its tapered tip and tail design.” — Max Santeusanio, Powder Magazine Photography Intern

Rossignol Super 7 (2012)

Here’s what Ski Magazine had to say about the Super 7:

“This returning tester favorite, No. 2 for Forgiveness and No. 3 in float, is so loose in the snow you can pivot or foot-steer it even when you’re waist deep in Snowbird powder. The tapered tip lets you be the boss.”


PowderTurn Rocker • Centered Sidecut • WRS • Titanal sandwich wood core construction • Dimensions 146-117-127

For a full list of 2012 Gear Reviews visit Powder Magazine’s Buyer’s Guide and Ski Magazine’s Ski & Boot Reviews


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