Kevin O’Rourke’s Chilean Heli-ski Adventure

If you have been keeping up with our blog, you may already know that Powderbird lead guide Kevin O’Rourke recently traveled to Chile. Kevin had the opportunity to guest guide a group of Aussie Powderbirds who came heli-skiing with us in Park City last winter. Ross Grant, along with his friends Roger M, Richard, Roger D, and Andrew, completed a week excursion with Powder South Heli-ski Guides. Kevin teamed up with Powder South and long-time friend (and Powderbird Greenland guide) Pete Patterson to guest guide two week-long heli-ski trips as part of Powder South’s operation.

Our Powderbird guests really enjoyed Powder South’s accommodations, dining, and overall operation. Powder South–Thank you for your hospitality! Kevin really enjoyed his time with your team.

Kevin described the skiing as ranging from dense snow to excellent corn conditions to perfect bluebird powder. Sounds like they had a great time! Here are some photos from Kevin’s heli-skiing trip to Chile.

Getting ready for a beautiful day of heli-skiing

Enjoying corn skiing in Chile

Kevin and the Grant Group with Powder South

Powder day!

Powderbird guide Kevin O'Rouke heli-skiing in Chile

Powderbird Greenland guide Pete Patterson

Powder South's accommodations in the valley

Heli-skiing in Chile with Powder South and Powderbird

That's a wrap. The group relaxing after a day of heli-skiing


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