Argentina Heli Skiing Update

Thanks to our friends at Patagonia Ski Tours, we have a first hand account of what’s in store for the Argentina ski industry following the June 4th Puyehue Volcano eruption and resulting volcanic ash. After many delays, the Bariloche airport was slated to re-open today (July 8). Regardless of the airport delays, there are still many ways to reach your adventure destination in Patagonia. Due to the ski season’s late start, many businesses are also offering discounts to encourage tourism in the surrounding areas. Now may be the perfect time for a last minute South American adventure!

Tips for getting to Bariloche

Many Patagonia Ski Tours guests and guides have used the Via Bariloche or El Valle bus services in the past. It is a much cheaper option, typically costing about half the price of an air travel ticket. Another benefit of this travel option is the drive itself, taking in the views of the Argentine countryside, travelling through the pampas, while casually sipping wine and being served high quality meals all along the way. If you do choose to travel to Bariloche by bus, our friends down south highly recommend upgrading to the Cama Ejecutivo or Tutto Leto seats. It is well worth it, considering the length of the trip (20+ hours).

A peek at nightlife at Cerro Catedral

Ski Industry Update

Currently all ski resorts in Argentina are now open:

  • Penitentes located 180 km from Mendoza
  • Las Leñas, the highest ski resort in Argentina with a 3,430 meter summit
  • Caviahue lies at the foot of Lake Copahue in a stunning setting
  • Batea Mahuida is named for a local extinct volcano
  • Cerro Chapelco receives excellent snow conditions
  • Cerro Bayo is part of Villa La Angostura and features exceptional lodging and dining
  • Cerro Catedral is located just outside of Bariloche
  • La Hoya experiences an extended season due to its geographic location
  • Cerro Castor lies on the very southern tip of Argentina

The Cerro Catedral ski resort, which is just starting its ski season, has announced they will be charging their mid-season rates during the high-season, equivalent to a savings of 30%.

Guests enjoy the stunning views from Cerro Bayo

Heli skiing in Bariloche

Interested in year-round heli-ski opportunities? See if any trips offered by Patagonia Ski Tours fit the bill. They also offer backcountry, snowcat, and volcanic ski tours, along with wine and Buenos Aires city tours! We’ll do another blog post soon that will cover their heli ski offerings in depth.

Hope everyone is having a great summer!


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