Gearing up for Greenland!

It’s almost time for Powderbird’s annual Greenland heli-skiing trips. Our season here in Utah is beginning to wrap up. Which is always slightly ironic, considering we are coming off a decent storm, have a 159″ base, and it looks like there’s more snow in the forecast over the weekend. Our crew is departing Utah on April 9th, traveling to Copenhagen, and catching a direct flight to Greenland. From there they will board the ship Kisaq, which will be their home for the week-long adventure. The advantages of basing off the ship are the mobility, flexibility in flight plans, and ability to travel deep into previously unexplored fjords. This will provide the opportunity for first descents and a truly isolated heli-skiing experience.

Here are some Greenland photos to help illustrate just how incredible and unique this trip really is.

Powderbird leade guide "Ole" in Greenland

Powderbird guests enjoying breathtaking scenery

Taking a lunch break during a long ski day

Perfect conditions and long runs in Greenland

View of the ship Kisaq on the move

Arctic camp option. Sleep and ski!

Click here for more information about our Greenland trips. Seats are filled for this season, but we’re already beginning to plan and schedule for 2012, so let us know if you’re interested in joining the Powderbird crew for a Greenland skiing adventure.


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