Pictures and Video from February 2011

Guest Submitted Photographs

As always, it has been an interesting winter in Utah. After a few weeks of high pressure, we are now being pounded by back to back storms. This past weekend Snowbird and Alta were blessed with three feet of the “greatest snow on Earth”. With great snow comes the downside of heli-skiing: lingering clouds and high winds often prevent us from flying immediately after a huge storm. Conditions for tomorrow look good, but the weather in Utah can change minute by minute. Hoping for a break in the clouds!

If you haven’t been heli-skiing with Powderbird before, here’s a taste of what you can expect from a day in the backcountry. Check out our Facebook page for videos posted by recent Powderbird guests. There’s still plenty of powder left to share! If you haven’t made it out yet, consider visiting us in March. Looks like it’s going to be a wet spring out here.

Powderbird heli out in the field

Tim Martin's lines in the backcountry

Top of the Wasatch with Powderbird skiers

Our orange heli making up a pick-up in the field


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