Heli Skiing, The Ultimate Waiting Game

We are getting a little antsy at Powderbird. It’s been 5 whole days since we have had suitable flying conditions. Today is unusual. We expect to have many no-fly days throughout the season due to low visibility and high winds caused by winter storms. However, today is sparkling clear in Little Cottonwood Canyon, and we were forced to cancel our scheduled lifts for the day. The Western United States has been experiencing warm temps and a high pressure ridge—a bad combination for incoming storm patterns. The weather pattern has created less than desirable backcountry conditions—the reason for calling for a no-fly day today.

Snow on the horizon for Utah

Luckily the end of the dry spell is in sight. NOAA is calling for almost a foot by Wednesday night. Our guides and weather forecasters are looking forward to seeing a shift in the overall weather pattern. This storm should be followed up by another this weekend, and more frequent storms toward the end of the month. We’ll be back on track to a record breaking snow season by the time we hit our high season in February.

You may wonder what we do on no-fly days. We’re busy enough in the office to use these days to stay on top of other marketing projects, reservations, merchandise, etc. Just got a new shipment of shirts in yesterday afternoon, so folding and inventory is on the agenda. We are currently listening to good tunes and enjoying a quiet day at the office with an unbeatable view. Fly days are pretty hectic so it’s nice to have a little down time to get everything else on track. Our heliport is getting a little lonely though, looking forward to the full house busy days that are sure to come!


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