Park City TV

Heli-skiing with Park City TV’s Kevin Rapf

Park City TV captures the heli ride

Park City TV came heli skiing (and snowboarding in Kevin’s case) with Powderbird on New Year’s Day. Kevin, his fiance, a helmet cam and small hand-held cam joined us at Canyons Resort last Saturday morning for a full day of delicious fresh powder. I was amazed to learn that their equipment only weighed an additional 8 lbs, making their crew very simple to integrate into our daily operation. They met at the Alpine House bright and early for some breakfast and interviews with our CEO Rusty Dassing and guide Eric Faull. After seven phenomenal powder runs (they were lucky enough to join us on a deep day), they checked in with some fellow adventurers and relaxed during lunch back at the Alpine House.

Deep powder for everyone

For the full segment, here’s a link to the YouTube video produced by Kevin and PCTV:

Heli Skiing with Wasatch Powderbird Guides.

PCTV Morning Mountain News Interview

After PCTV produced the Powderbird segment, I was invited to be a guest on the Mountain Morning Show. I showed up at the studio early Monday morning (Jan 10) not really knowing what to expect. I had the opportunity to assist on a morning TV show a few summers ago, so I’m familiar with mics, TV personalities, television sets and other equipment. Being on the receiving end was an interesting experience! I felt prepared, since I talk about most aspects of Powderbird’s operations on a daily basis to customers and business partners, yet unsure exactly what would talk about during the segment. I hoped I was wearing the right color and wouldn’t stumble while I was answering questions.

Powderbird's Orange Star pulling in for a landing

They played footage from the Powderbird segment Kevin had produced and we discussed some basic information about Powderbird’s history in Park City, how many guests we can accommodate and what skills they need to possess, a run through of a typical day and touched on our International heli trips, specially Greenland. It really wasn’t so bad. But maybe because I was still not quick awake enough to be nervous. I’m picking up a copy of my interview later next week and will share a link soon!


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