Happy New Year!

First decent Greenland

Powderbird skiers making first decent in Greenland

How did you celebrate the new year? Powderbird kicked off 2011 with a phenomenal day of powder skiing! Utah was blessed with over 2 feet of perfect, light, blower powder last week. This created epic conditions for those who were lucky enough to heli ski and snowboard with us over New Year’s weekend. Looks like we have another week of clear, favorable heli conditions. We even have some discount seats available for the next few weeks––great for any last minute travelers.

Other updates for the new year:

1. We are now flying three helicopters every day. Two are based out of our headquarters at Snowbird Ski Resort, while another bird is flying daily out of Canyons Resort in beautiful Park City. This provides our clients with even more flexibility and a wider array of lodging, dining and activity choices when planning their Utah ski vacations.

2. New merchandise. We have added some new options to our traditional merchandise offerings. We have new designs, styles and colors available! We are also adding an online store to our Web site. It will be live in the next few weeks. Stay tuned for pictures.

Heli landing in Greeland

Heli touching down in breathtaking Greenland

3. International trips. Ever wondered what it would be like to ski on a glacier? Let Powderbird take your adventurous group to the Southwest coast of Greenland. Click here for information about our Greenland trips in April 2011.


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